As a social media marketing agency, we understand creating an online engagement strategy can be especially challenging when it comes to images. So, in this blog, I’m going to give you my top five tips on getting started with creating and organising your own social media images –  keeping you engaged with your audience month after month. 

Set your social media content themes

Without question, when you are in the early creative process, an online content theme is the first place to start. Once you pick a theme, you can then decide how to represent it in images. You can set the tone and atmosphere of the image when you know precisely what you are communicating to your audience and why. You will then be able to match quotes to images conveying feeling or caption activities and landmark events in your business much more easily.

Plan your social media posts

With your themes picked, you can now plan how many social media posts you are going to make for each theme. Knowing how often you are going to post to social media, and how many of those posts will contain images will help you to plan your online engagement strategy and organise how many pictures you are going to need for the week or month ahead. I actually recommend planning for the month ahead. We have some stock photo collection recommendations below. 

Give yourself time to plan

Your online engagement strategy is an investment

This is one of the most important aspects of any content creation, and especially applies to pictures. I recommend setting up an album on your phone and laptop/PC specifically for your business. Any time you have something to document for your business, no matter how small, take a picture and store it in your phone. You don’t have to publish it right away, you can save this asset until you build a bank of them, and then plan your posts around them when you download them to your office device.

Try these free photo editing software picks

Photo editing doesn’t have to be a costly venture. With the wealth of software available on the market there are some free options which are straight forward to use and will help you resize your photos for web or social media quickly and easily. What’s more, you can crop, straighten and tweak your images to your heart’s content before they hit your news feed. Try or Adobe Photoshop Express

Stock photo collections

You don’t have to rely entirely on your own photos for your social media posts. There are some really good Royalty Free images available for free. This is where having content themes becomes extremely useful because you can search on the theme and pick the most appropriate images to help you build your stock. We recommend Pexels or Pikwizard.

Still not sure you have the time to prepare your own social media content? Then take a look at our super-convenient Social Media Content Calendars which deliver your monthly content right to your inbox – all you have to do is schedule it!

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