In this weeks’ blog, we take a look at the importance of developing digital marketing with personality in your brand development, and where you might be able to save some time in the more repetitive writing tasks.

In an article by, they argue that there are four key things which will make website visitors stay on your site, including content which is easy to skim through. But if you are a product retailer in the e-commerce space (in the UK), your descriptions need to be detail rich because you are bound by the Distance Selling Regulations. So, with time at a premium during the working week, how can entrepreneurs, service providers and marketers find that “sweet spot” to create digital marketing with personality, which supports their business and their brand?

Well there’s always a trade off, in life and in business. If you have the time, it’s likely you don’t have the money; and if you have the money, it’s likely you don’t have the time. So, we have three copy and content creation strategies which could save you valuable time and money as you develop your brand’s personality.

Make content marketing personal

Making an emotional connection with the people who visit your website is essential in the course of generating new leads and enquiries for your business. Websites can be incredibly impersonal, and if the message is dull, people are going to switch off and move on to the next thing. Using expressive images that speak for your brand are a great way to make that initial connection with your reader.

The message doesn’t need to be complex, in fact if they can pick out the essential points quickly and easily, they are likely to remember you, come back and follow you on your social media accounts.

Automate the “rinse and repeat” copywriting

There’s been a sudden boom in AI for the copywriting industry, most notably for generating product descriptions and advertising copy. As platforms develop their audience behaviour algorithms, they become more selection about which adverts are shown where and to whom. This has a knock on effect for your product or service’s exposure as key words and copy structure are conforming to formulae rather than spontaneously creative tag lines.

But there is an upside to this process of automation. These paid for AI copywriting services save valuable time when it comes to writing repetitive product listing content, and can even help businesses integrate keywords so that your product listings are search engine optimised.

Stand out from the crowd in your digital marketplace

OK, you’re possibly sick of hearing this one, but it is true. Whatever market you are in, it’s likely you have found and developed a niche. It is usually (but not always!) one which has a personal meaning and significance; an area where you have expertise and knowledge that your peers and competitors just don’t. Take advantage of that and invest the time you save in automation – however you achieve that, into developing your brand voice.

You see it is your personality that people will buy, and if you can’t be there when they’re browsing your site to sell yourself through a conversation, the next best thing is to do it through pictures and engaging writing. This is where “cut and paste” copy is unlikely to threaten creative copy writing – at least for now. And that’s your ideal opportunity to make that emotional connection with your reader.

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