What is Business Psychology and how could it help my company?

Business Psychology is the application of behavioural sciences to the workplace. It provides a method for enhancing and improving the efficiency of working environments for employees and employers. What’s more, it functions effectively in companionship with HR processes, policies, procedures and Employment Law.

Hynek HR can help by adding value to existing In-House HR processes as a bolt on service which designs, delivers and trains bespoke organisational Human Resource Management systems. In addition, Business Psychology can deliver valuable independent and impartial reflections on meeting emergent challenges and their appropriate solutions.

Combining psychological theory with research evidence allows employers to construct reliable and valid organisational solutions with a robust rationale behind their selection and application. Areas where Business Psychology can be applied include:

Workplace wellbeing interventions

Sickness/Absence management strategies

Employee turnover and retention interventions

Development of positive workplace culture and climate

Organisational structure and change management

Reward and performance management systems

Training Needs Analysis and programme design

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