Employer branding and human resource design

Proactive Human Resource Development Strategies


If you are an employer in the STEM sector with ten or more people working for you, thinking about how you can grow your business sustainably whilst growing your employees, Hynek Associates can help.

We are a specialist employer branding and human resource design company, that applies business psychology and visual communications to help you proactively develop your people through inclusive workplace design, and progressive training and development pathways. And if you are ready to position yourself as a market leader for employment and progression opportunities in your area, we can help you attract high-quality candidates by working with you to develop your Employer Value Proposition (EVP) through a clear employer branding strategy.

Our vision is to help businesses in the STEM sector to develop highly skilled teams, in high performance, healthy workplaces with excellent reputations, sought out by candidates as leaders in their sector. We believe passionately that clear consistent values and a proactive people development strategy can create a company culture that inspires individuals to want to do their best work, helping them to grow as the business grows.

So, if this has sparked your interest, why not talk to us about how Hynek Associates can help you achieve your business growth and talent development goals this year and beyond.

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