Embedding and transferring the knowledge, skillsets and abilities of your teams forms one of the most crucial tasks for a small to medium sized enterprise. Staff turnover represents the potential loss of valuable knowledge bases, both in how your processes are carried out and how they can be developed in the future. Retaining your employees provides greater lifetime consistency for your products and services, as well as benefits for your customers who can access experienced product and service support providers throughout the lifetime of their custom with you.

Hynek Associates can help you to identify future roles in your organisation and manage succession as you develop your employees, and prepare for those times when personnel exit from your business. Having a plan for your ongoing continuity of service and production will enhance the productivity of your business and give you a clear path of progression during times of challenge, to meet and manage the demands which come with them.

The Elevate, Innovate and Accelerate programmes offer support and facilitation for businesses on three different tracks; a short course packed with tools and information to help you along in the first two years of trading, an intermediate development programme for those trading for two to five years and a more in-depth programme of embedded support, coaching and development for longer term goals for those who have been trading for five years or more.

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