Are you one of the nine in ten1 STEM sector businesses who would like to sustainably grow your organisation, but facing the challenge of skills gaps in your talent pool? Hynek Associates can help you to systematically approach your medium and long term personnel challenges through structured work and recruitment design and development. This leads to your own, bespoke learning, training and development programmes giving you the freedom to develop and train your own teams of innovators.

We can help you to strategically develop your teams by researching, recording and systemising your intellectual property, processes and procedures into practical skills training solutions, designed around your product or service. This feeds into creating a powerful Employee Experience (EX) and in turn, can improve your Customer Experience (CX) through enhanced end user support.

The Elevate, Innovate and Accelerate programmes offer support and facilitation for businesses on three different tracks; a short course packed with tools and information to help you along in the first two years of trading, an intermediate development programme for those trading for two to five years and a more in-depth programme of embedded support, coaching and development for longer term goals for those who have been trading for five years or more.

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