Do you currently have a clear onboarding system and process which communicates your company values, key points of contact and proprietary safety procedures and processes? Developing a great workplace culture begins at onboarding, with a planned process that informs, educates and challenges your new employees to embed their learning.

Your onboarding systems and processes can then be delegated to company colleagues and line managers with message consistency. This repeatable system can provide increased time freedom for you and your senior management teams, whilst ensuring your values are clearly communicated to the same high standards, every time a new employee is onboarded.

Creating an onboarding programme for your business becomes an asset which can be refreshed annually, or as often as is appropriate. It can include written tasks, reading assignments and proprietary video assets which become valuable training modules for company procedures and site safety practices. We can help you to evidence and track employee learning through the probationary period and, help you to set tasks and scoring parameters for learning performance.

So, if this has sparked your interest, why not talk to us about how Hynek Associates can help you achieve your business growth and talent development goals this year and beyond.

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